Mohraan becomes an island during rainy days and one stream flows along one border around the year. Along with this, a natural pool of near Olympic size is formed in the rainy season. Also, there is a river flowing nearby which is good for swimming almost throughout the year… so it's a heaven for swimming lovers
No. The guest house which is ready to accommodate customers is a sustainably built construction made-up of bamboo and Mangalore tiles. Cow-dung coated floor is standard in all structures, which is very pleasant to stay in and feel throughout the year. During hot afternoons in summer we use coolers which is a more sustainable option than AC.
Mosquitoes are an important part of a healthy ecosystem and their breeding takes place for a short duration. After which they are quickly controlled by their predators like odonates. In their breeding season generally mornings and evenings are a little troublesome but they are generally taken care of by mosquito-repelling lotions and/or coils. Mosquito nets are also provided in both the bedrooms.
Mohraan is a unique experience of staying comfortably as close to nature as possible in a natural food forest.
For activities please refer to the activities page here.
No, we do not change our prices based on demand and squeeze the juice out of your pocket. We are farmers and are happy with our cost plus model. It's a quiet farm, not a restaurant or a commercial place and we don't want it to be one.
Mohraan is about 100 km from Thane and 35kms off the Mumbai-Nashik highway. It takes about 2 hrs to reach from Mumbai and Nashik. From Pune, it would take approximately 3/3.30hrs.
Currently, we can't provide car pick-up or drop but we can give you contact details of some service providers our previous guests have used.
It is customary to believe there are three main seasons in our subcontinent but traditionally farmers have divided a year into 27 nakshatras because each one unique. Every nakshatra has different weather conditions and food. We love all of them and *Mohraan* is one of the best places to observe and feel these changes in nature closely. Also, we have a range of forest food available at the farm which changes throughout the year. Most vegetables are seasonal and are better had during that particular season itself. E.g. There's beauty when mango flowers and when mango ripens though seasons and weathers are incomparable.
We are planning to conduct various workshops in areas like natural farming, permaculture, natural learning, woodwork, mud building, natural paints, bamboo work, sustainable living, etc. Please provide your email id's and phone numbers so that we can keep you posted about our upcoming events/workshops.
Yes, Mohraan is pet friendly. In fact, it's a lovely place for your pets and you to enjoy company of your pets. However, considering the safety and hygiene of everybody, Pet parents are requested to not allow pets on the beds, please carry separate bedding for them. We also request owners to carry pet food if possible. We can also cook simple food for pets at an additional cost. Also, pet parents are requested to restrict the movement of the pets in certain no-pet areas such as kitchen, cowshed, etc.
Right now only Jio mobile 4G network is available.
We do not have Wi-Fi..