Once upon a time there lived a person. Whose name, face, voice everything's now forgotten. At that time this piece of forest was surrounded by streams in the rainy season and giant thorny bushes of karavanda along with the other native flora and fauna of Sahyadri. He built a hut to stay in and a well for himself to drink water… Countless years passed and nobody turned to this place for decades until about four-five decades ago when Savlaram master who was lovingly addressed as Adhikari Guruji by his students later, purchased this land. After his half-day duty on Saturdays, as a teacher in BMC school, he used to travel by train and ST bus to come to Sakurli. He planted a few mango trees in this jungle and would water them every Sunday morning. Few years passed and a forest fire gulped most of those tiny mango plants. He continued to plant, water, and nurse them for almost two decades until he retired in 1998. After this, he shifted to Sakurli. In the next few years, he and his eldest son Satish planted about 500 saplings of various varieties of mangoes, coconuts, chikoo, cashew, and other plants. Slowly a beautiful orchard started to take shape. When the youngest twins Sachin and Sameer developed an interest in farming, they started to read a lot about natural farming. They decided to put their hands in the soil at least once a week. Visiting other natural and experimenting farmers, attending various workshops, and practicing, experimenting on the farm became a passion. They decided to build a natural food forest here. Soon, Shraddha n Saee too started to accompany them, and before they all knew they had become farmers.

As Fukuoka San mentioned, "The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings." -One straw revolution. This family who never imagined to spend their lives in a village was cultivated by the food forest.

Slowly, friends and family started to visit often and in 2018 constructing a few earth-friendly structures to meet various needs was only natural.

This is how Mohraan was born and evolving with each passing day. It's not perfect, it never will be. Like a tiny drop in a river, it's just flowing and enjoying the moment without any concern about the mistakes in the past or the worries about the future...