Adhikari Guruji

He is an 82 year old young man, who first dreamt of having a farm at this place. He purchased the land and planted the first trees here after clearing thick shrubs of Karavanda. He still continues to stay here and take care of day to day activities including taking care of his cows and buffaloes and bulls.

Satish Adhikari

Eldest son in the pack of five children Satish is a visionary. He's a civil engineer and it was him who was a pioneer in planting hundreds of Mango, Coconut, Cashew, Chikoo, bamboo and other trees at Mohraan. He still continues to be a main pillar and guide for Mohraan.

Shraddha Adhikari

Shraddha studied computer engineering at Mumbai and had no idea that she would land up here one day. She has expertise in programming in various languages. She started to come here at Mohraan since 2018 and has since become an important part of core team of Mohraan. She's the one who programs and manages the website along with managing day to day activities on farm, in the kitchen and in the guest house.

Sachin Adhikari

An instrumentation engineer by education Sachin did his masters in International Business through distance learning. Sachin has extensive experience in industrial automation. He developed a keen interest in farming since 2016 and has read various books and attended various workshops on farming. He is also a lifelong learner on parenting and unschooling. He would be happy to share his experiences about our unschooling journey along with farming.

Sameer Adhikari

Sameer has studied instrumentation engineering from Mumbai and has done Masters in Marketing Management studying part time. He has extensive experience in production, service and sales. He too developed his interest in farming in 2016. Sameer loves to talk about trees and farming.

Capt. Tanuja Kabre

An ex army officer from corps of engineers, Tanuja runs her organisation Fauji ki Paathshala which is pivotal in organising and conducting various events and camps for development of leadership qualities among youngsters.

Julius Rego

Having extensive experience in urban farming, Julius has been a key person in making Mohraan a food forest in its most productive form. His innovative yet sustainable ideas and experience has made a huge difference in development of Mohraan. He has interest and expertise in plants, butterflies, birds, animals, cooking and innumerable other things.